Welcome to the Fox

The FOX is an Elite Hotel Residence concept. It’s a lounge bar, restaurant, pizzeria with a summer garden in a vivid green frame.

The Fox

The FOX is the right place to try original Italian pizzas, fast pasta dishes, selected meat, local product tastings, simple but delicious sandwiches… and as well to enjoy relaxing music, winking smiles, unforgettable atmospheres.
Because we can’t live only on food.



Shades of grey in the furniture evoke the northern border and the sky in motion. Sofas in capitonnè leather, modern chairs, vintage hassocks...
...tables decorated with Sardinian tiles, Foscarini lamps, Rubelli textiles and our own fantasy: these are the ingredients of this small treasure, worth of a cult movie!


The vivid red tomato that takes the white stringy mozzarella in a classical Italian dance…


Love for pasta is a national trait. Dried or homemade, with butter or oil, with pecorino or parmesan cheese, with vegetables,
… And above all the green basil.
With a pizza, you enjoy all colors of Italy, the most beautiful country in the world!


The main character of FOX’s menu will turn you on. Our tender and juicy grilled meat specialties become a perfect match with exquisite vegetables.


For every occasion


Dessert, Snack and Relax

A sandwich, a bruschetta, a club sandwich or a toast, a hamburger or a hot dog, with the partnership of a good beer...


Maybe what’s more fascinating and enchanting is mixing up the ingredients until obtaining a cocktail...

Happy Hour

How satisfactory it is to welcome people to celebrate an event altogether: a birthday party, a graduation, a promotion, a departure...

Next events at the FOX


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Request information about our program or our menu selection

For a snack or a dinner, for a private party or a business meeting, contact our staff, we’ll be able to support you to better realize your wish.

Our staff is available to tailor the offer for the type of party or event that you would like to organize or to inform you on the events planned at the FOX. Call +39.041.0986031 or send us an e-mail through the proper form in order to have further information on our specialties, our cocktails, our snacks or our parties.